Scrap Division


(775) 323-7109

301 Montello Street
Reno, NV 89512

Hours:     7:30-3:30

At the Scrap Division, you can recycle old metals for cash. This Reno salvage yard has quality yardmen that will assist in the transfer your old metals from your vehicle  into our yard.

We only accept transactions from those with a valid ID and registered vehicle.

We cannot accept the following items:
Vehicles or Vehicle Frames
Batteries or Sealed Pressurized Units
& Aluminum Cans

There are many items and metals that may be recycled here.

The following items can be recycled at our facility:

Copper                   Aluminum
Radiators               Heater Cores
Brass                       Brass Cartridges
Turnings                Red Brass
Lead                       Cocks & Faucets
Transformers       Starters & Alternators
Steel                       Large Appliances
Motor Blocks        Electric Motors
Tin                         Other Metals

If you think you may have an item we can recycle feel free to contact us at 
(775) 323-7109.